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It’s not an error, if the invoice is generated before you submit a cancellation request then you’ll be charged the day before the invoice is due, as usual. The cancellation date will be automatically changed to the following month, and no further invoices will be generated.

If the invoice has already been generated and you want to cancel it before that payment is taken, please open a ticket for our billing department AFTER SUBMITTING THE CANCELLATION REQUEST, and we’ll cancel the invoice.

If you didn’t see this FAQ and were charged when you wanted to cancel, please open a ticket for our billing department and they’ll be happy to refund the payment and cancel your server.


We don’t automatically unsuspend a server when the invoice is paid. After you’ve paid the invoice, please open a ticket for our billing department and they’ll get your server reinstated.

Check that plex services is up and running. If it’s not, restart the server. If that doesn’t work, shutdown the server, reset plex config and click the unclaim plex server button. Open a ticket if it’s still not running.

Once the server is up and running, you can try to claim the server again. If it still errors then your plex account has a pin on the user, simply remove the pin and claim the server. You can enable the pin as soon as the server is successfully claimed.

If you’re on a plan that includes the 4K content then you’ll need to add the 4K folders manually. We don’t add the 4K folder by default as some people don’t have a fast enough internet for it, so it would get in their way.

To add the 4K Movies, follow this guide: https://wiki.elysium.to/books/manage-page-faq/page/missing-movies-or-tv-shows-believe-you-are-not-receiving-updates

Login to our client area (https://store.elementmedia.net/clientarea.php) and enter your discord username. When you’ve subscribed to one of our plans, the role will be assigned automatically.

It’s usually just a peering issue, so a CDN will fix it. Choose a CDN from the server management panel at: https://manage.elysium.to/login/element-media, it doesn’t need to be one geographically close to you.

It’s a common error, it simply means you’re not connecting to the server directly. To fix it follow this guide: https://wiki.elysium.to/books/manage-page-faq/page/indirectinsecure-after-claiming-server-via-dashboard

It’s a Plex server that you’re the admin of. We host the server and provide the content, you’ve got control of the rest. This isn’t a Plex share, so you can invite your family and friends to share your server.

Recent iOS updates have mostly fixed these issues, but if you are having them, try using the infuse app instead.

We recommend you have a download speed of at least 100mbps to be able to play 4K Movies.

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